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Well, I’m glad you asked. A “No Stinky parents” event, as simply and eloquently as I can describe, is quality time with our Grandchildren, without those pesky parents getting in the way of all the fun.

I mean, let’s face it. Our Grandchildren are a lot more fun than their parents ever were…Right? (We’ll keep that between us… They’re so sensitive). Here’s the whole story… Just click that little button below.


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Don’t waste a Single Minute

Xmas No Stinky Parents 2021!

“It Finally Happened!” The long awaited “No Stinky Parents” Christmas celebration happened this last weekend!  And what a time we had. We started our day picking up three of our

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It’s Coming! No Stinky Xmas 2021!

How’s that for building suspense? Yes, it’s coming.   The biggest and best yet!  This year’s No Stinky Parents Christmas day will include a fantastic Scavenger hunt, along with all the

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I love baking with my beautiful Alice

a Grandma Katy

We love to do the Halloween foods! Gross but a lot of fun!

a Jacob and Mark's Papa

My granddaughter loves it when we have a special day together! You've given me a lot of fun ideas!!!

a Kelly's Grandma
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