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No Stinky Parents?

What exactly is “No Stinky Parents”?  Simple enough question, I guess.  In the simplest of terms, it’s quality time with Grandparents and Grandchildren – without those pesky parents getting in the way with all their rules and bedtimes and just generally spoiling all the fun.  It’s a special time when one more piece of candy is ok and staying up past your bedtime is encouraged.  We say this of course in jest, (in case any parent may be listening), we love our kids to the moon and back, but our Grandkids are special.  (In other words, we like them more).  (Kids are over-rated).

Here’s a brief history of how this all came to be.  First, I’ need to give some background, so bear with me.  Back to the beginning, so to speak…

My wife and I were married in 2016.  Valentine’s Day to be exact.  Between us we have seven children from our previous marriages (the ones we could take or leave), Those children are all grown now, and being the fertile bunch they are, have given us nine beautiful Grandchildren (as of this writing) to date.

When we moved in together and blended our families, we all lived locally, so we got to see our Grandkids almost on a daily basis. In November of 2017 we bought a new home, which ended up being located about 30 miles away, so visiting became more difficult.  We are still close enough to see the kids and grandkids, but it takes a little more planning.  Annamarie, (my wife), and I made the realization that visiting the grandkids would almost become an “event”.  So what the heck?  Let’s make it one.

We settled on “No Stinky Parents” day as the perfect moniker for quality time for the Grandkids and a tradition was born.  The little ones ate it up, and gleefully explained to their parents, “Sorry Mom and Dad, no stinky parents allowed”, as they hopped in the car to spend the day with us.  Although the parentals appeared visibly hurt for the benefit of their babies, they didn’t protest too loudly…Now that I think of it I kind of remember them dancing off down the street as we pulled away…

And that, dear reader, is how the event began.  Over the last few years, we have had countless hours of fun and shenanigans with the kids and done things that they’d never be able to do when Mom and Dad are around…   like popcorn fights in the movie theater, for example, just to name one.  (Hypothetically, of course).  We’ve built many memories the kids will remember long after we’re gone and have created a special and unique bond with them in the process.

But the story is not over yet!

The more folks we’ve told about “No Stinky Parents”, the more people have gotten involved.  It’s become sort of a movement.  One that you can do with your own Grandkids as well.  So register on the site, dig in, read all about stuff we (and others) have done, and upload some of your own events and goodies to share with the rest of the community. (Or watch TV.  Your choice).

You’re welcome.


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You can only do this when the parents aren't around, It'll be our secret

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Meet the Head Stinkys

Annamarie Terry

Annamarie is the co-founder of this website and is the glue that brings our family together. You can find her baking with her Grandchildren.

Michael Terry

Known in certain circles as the "Big Stinky", Michael lives to fun and enrich the lives of his grandchildren.


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