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No Stinky Parents

ActivitiesHalloween “No Stinky Parents Day”

Halloween “No Stinky Parents Day”

We’re at it again in 2021!

Where do I begin…   Or 2021 No Stinky parents Day for Halloween brought us a few more activities than the past, along with some old traditions …  like making Halloween themed cookies and a Halloween cake.

Annamarie and I worked on this year’s event for about a week straight leading up to the event.  Lots of shopping and planning helped us put this together for the kids so the actual event went smoothly.

Our day started with a Scavenger hunt, which is something new for us this year.   The girls loved it and they all got a pretty good prize at the end!  Here’s a live video that I shot while running behind them.  It’s a log video, it took about 15 minutes, but hopefully by watching you can get some ideas for your own hunt.

As a matter of fact, the event was so much fun the girls are demanding one for Christmas, and we’re already developing ideas to step it up!  Stay Tuned!!!  Here’s the vid:

Sorry it went a little sideways toward the end, but you get the idea. Great fun.  This we will be doing again!

Next, we did our annual cookie decorating.  They have a few kits you can purchase for the holidays, which we always pick up.  It’s usually sugar cookies, and we buy some sprinkles, different colored icing, some sugar eyes, bones etc.  and the kids get super creative.

The kids made some really cool cookies and they got to take a bunch home to the parents and family.

About this time we sat down for lunch and enjoyed our standard Halloween cuisine.

Our menu consisted of bloody severed fingers on a bun, (above), Blood to drink (cranberry juice), and for dessert, Dirt and Worms.  I’ve attached a video of me creating the dessert, which we did the night before below.

After lunch, the girls got to decorate a birthday cake for two of the girl’s brother, (our celebration happening later in the day when the “Stinky Parents” arrived….)

And then… the Grand Finale.

The parents of the three grandchildren arrived to celebrate a birthday, but I and the girls had one more trick up our sleeves…

We laid a Vinyl tablecloth down on the dining room table, then proceeded to pour bag after bag of chips right on the table, (much to Annamarie’s shock, I might add)…

We then gleefully topped them with nacho cheese sauce, black olives, jalapenos, sour cream and salsa, creating the biggest mess ever.

Everybody stood in shock until I yelled “Dig In !” at which time everyone in the room grabbed a plate and some tongs and did just that!  I think we created a memory that the kids will remember forever – and it was doggone tasty too.

Wel, needless to say, our No Stinky Parents Day evolved into a great family gathering and birthday celebration, Annamarie made her famous pozole, and everyone went home happy.

Another great NSP event we’ll remember for a long time.  I hope this has given you a few ideas for your own celebration.  Until next time…..

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