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Halloween “No Stinky” Ideas

Halloween is one of our favorite “No Stinky Parents” days events.  There are so many opportunities to create memories, from baking to crafts to fun activities.

Our 2021 event was a blast, and we introduced a new scavenger hunt event to the day that was a big hit with the kids.

(Sadly, they are demanding that we step it up for Christmas, to which I say GAME ON!!!)

In any case, (I’m rambling), I wanted to briefly list a few of our favorite Halloween ideas you can try for your own events.

Here’s one that’s always a hit.  A Halloween “feel Box”.

Take a good-sized box and cut one side out of it.  On the opposite side, make a hole, that the kids can put their arm in.  cover the hole on the inside with a cloth, a washcloth, or some other fabric so that they cannot see in the box.

Position yourself behind the box on the open side, and position the kids in front, in front of the hole.

You now ask the kids to put their hand in the hole to feel some spooky Halloween items.

Prep – before the kid arrive, take about as dozen grapes and peel them.  put them in the fridge to cool.  Cook off some spaghetti and drain the water.  put a full portion in a bowl and put that in the fridge to cool and set.    Drain canned tomatoes and put in a bowl.  Empty a can of corn into a bowl.  Last, take the stems from the grapes and put that in a bowl.

You are ready!  Put all the stuff above in the box before the kids arrive, don’t let them see the open end, or peek in the hole!  When you are ready to present the box, go around to the back end and tell the kids that you’ve got some fun spooky stuff for them to feel.  When they put their arm in the hole, guide their hand into each bowl and create an age-appropriate back story for each one.

Here’s some suggestions:  Describe then grapes as the eyeballs from a bunch of witches.  The spaghetti can be guts, the tomatoes – hearts, corn can be teeth, and last, the stems can represent spider legs.  Again, your imagination can craft the story, and the feeling is sure to get “Yucks” and “gross” from the kids.

Another fun thing that we used to do involved using another adult and a large box, like a refrigerator box, cut down to size.  The box should be big enough so that a chair can fit inside, and tall enough that when a person is sitting in the chair, the top of the box comes to their shoulders.

Cut out a hole in the top of the box so the person can stick their head through the top.

Where the hole is, glue a paper plate, again cutting a hole in the center so the person can put their head through.  Make up your actor and have them sit in the box, with their head through the hole on the plate. – Garnish the plate to cover the hole around the head, and again, set this up age appropriately, you can bring the kids into the room with the head covered under a serving dish, or however you want.  the kids will love it and interacting with the “head” can be a lot of fun!

Another great idea is bobbing for apples – Messy, but great fun.  And the treat is healthy!   Win-Win!

There are a few ideas right off the top of my head, I’ll continue to add to this post as I remember more ideas, so check back!

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